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The release of equipment for the new company and Israel grants frequencies for the WattaniyaTelecommunications Company


The release of equipment for the new company and Israel grants frequencies for the WattaniyaTelecommunications Company

Sources revealed that the Israeli side informed the Palestinian side of an approval to grant frequencies to Wattaniya which was demanded by President Mahmoud Abbas during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.These sources confirmed urgent and necessary to enable the Wattaniya telecommunications company of direct action, in addition to access mobile frequencies additional help to absorb the steady increase in the number of its subscribers.
These sources noted that the efforts made by the Palestinian side, especially economic advisor to President Dr Mohammad Mostafa to get the Israeli side to grant these frequencies.
The sources said that Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications announced yesterday Solomon Zuhairi granting these frequencies during a meeting organized by the ministry in order to discuss the instructions link interface and the liberalization of the telecom market strategy Palestinian. He added that the Palestinian side is access to frequencies achievement nationally important and Estonia for Palestinian rights and comes in the strategic plan which aims to bring the communications companies from the illegal Israeli Palestinian market and the liberalization of the market of any illegal practices and opening the way for national companies licensed to work for a strategy The policy adopted and approved by the Palestinian National Authority.
The sources pointed out that this is a important financial resource for the Authority after it was not part of the revenue goes to the national exchequer due to non-payment of any dividend Israeli companies financial or tax allowance legitimate business in the Palestinian market.
The source added that the liberalization of frequencies by the Israeli side is an important achievement after the Israeli side refused for a long time and flimsy reasons for granting the right of the Palestinian natural and inalienable negotiate access to frequencies needed by the Palestinian side to exercise their inherent right and sovereignty over the communications sector.
The same source said the submission by the Israeli side and acceptance of the Palestinian demands is a positive sign for the Israeli side additional concessions in other areas, issues and the Israeli side refrains from previously approved, which was a significant impediment to the development of the Palestinian economy. The source added that the coming weeks and months will witness a new start at the level of additional positive developments both in terms of the consent of the Israeli side to bring all the equipment for the company (Mobile), the national company after it was the Israeli side rejects the introduction of this equipment to areas of the Palestinian Authority in addition to other sensitive issues that will be announced once completed.


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