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Sahem Trading & Investments Company, in coordination with ZOOM Advertising, the PSE and Jawwal, has launched its new SMS InvestorProgram.  As a Sahem SMS Investor, you will receive PSE closing price quotes for up to 5 stock symbols immediately after the close of trading each day.  The service is free-of-charge to all Sahem clients.
Sahem clients from almost anywhere in the world can enroll in this system.  Unfortunately, at this time we cannot enroll Israeli Orange or Cellcom mobile numbers in SMS Investor Program.  Orange and Cellcom do not have reciprocal operating agreements with Jawwal.

 A link to Sahem's SMS Investor Registration form can be found below.  The form is automated; simply tab from one field to the next.  Complete the form with your personal information and click to forward it to the Sahem SMSInvestor department. Your enrollment will be processed within 48 hours.

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Once you are enrolled in the SMSInvestorProgram, you will receive an SMS alert from the PSE assigning you a password.  If you are interested in doing so, this password may be used to download the SMS Alerts software to your PC from the PSE web site  Downloading the software allows you to make changes to your list of closing quotations directly through the PSE.   If you prefer to contact Sahem staff make modifications to your account, simply disregard the password SMS.  No further action is needed on your part.


The SMSInvestor system operates independently from your Sahem trading account.  It is simply a message notification system.  All messages are informational only, and do not reflect trading activity in your Sahem account.




If at any time you have problems with your SMSInvestor account, or if you have questions or concerns about any SMS you receive, don't hesitate to call Sahem directly at +972 2 296 5710, or contact us by email at

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