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The Formation of a Committee Board for Palestinian Insurance Companies



The board of directors of the  insurance companies of the Palestinian city of Nablus ,by the  President of the Council Aziz Abdel Gawad, and attended by all members, in his first meeting after the election. The meeting took place to set up committees to the different sections .Elected were Samih Khalil general manager of Mashriq Insurance Company, Deputy head of the Russian representative of the European Coordinating Council in the private sector and Head of the Public Relations Committee. Yacub Alcalouti was chosen Assistant Director-General for the Great West Bank compound in the company eligibility for insurance Chairman of the Technical Committee, and Adam Kassam was chosen-director general of the Arab Insurance Chairman of the Legal Committee, Ihab Alashqar was also selected -Deputy General Manager of Global Trust Insurance representatives of the European fund to compensate Palestinian casualties of road accidents. However, assigned members of the Governing Council, Nasreen Hambali-Director of the company Arab Insurance submitted a proposal for the formation of the Disciplinary Board as provided for under the rules of procedure of the Union . On the other hand, the Council discussed several matters that concerned the insurance sector, they aimed at improving this sector and its workers, for example, exchange rate depreciation of the Jordanian dinar and the dollar versus the Israeli shekel, and its effect to raise staff salaries in the Federation board recommendation to the boards of insurance companies by linking the dollar"s exchange rate to 4.30 shekels and the Jordanian dinar to 6.10 shekels. Also agreed were decisions that serve the insurance industry and preserve the rights of insurance companies and agents and citizens alike


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