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Signs of American willingness to lift the Financial Embargo and Israel are planning the release of 300-400 million dollars



 The USA seems to be ready to lift the siege forced on the Palestinian Territories which has been taking place for more than a year now. At the same time Israeli Officials hinted it will release 300-400 million dollars from reserved Palestinian customs. This will either be paid portionally every so often or be used for "Humanity Purposes". Several signs were issued these past couple of days concerning the American Officials determination to end the economical siege the Palestinian government has been suffering ever since Hamas became the authority in the end of March 2006.

The spokesman for the State Department, Sean McCormack, and Monday stated that the situation changed with the new appointment of a new Minister of Finance Salam Fayyad in March, under a government of national unity. He said, "Indeed, we now have a funding mechanism to allow access to the accounts of the Palestinian Liberation Organization." McCormick continued saying," This proves that the nation system trusts him to be in charge of the financial control. The senior official in the State Department decided the USA join the European position in favor of granting more economic aid to the Palestinian. On the other hand, Israelis sources said yesterday that Israel is planning to repatriate up to half of Palestinian customs revenues that are trapped in the framework of an effort led by the Palestinian government.

It was unclear when it could release any funds for the account of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which is supervised by the Minister of Finance Salam Fayyad. But with the support of the USA Fayyad began to pay part of the salaries of the government employees through the expense of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.




Al-Quds Index in the green zone despite the political instability



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