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Results of board meetings of listed companies in the PSE


A group of public shareholding companies listed on the Palestine Securities Exchange announced the resolutions of boards of directors held during the last week, also other companies identified the dates for boards meetings for the days ahead. The PSE published these decisions on its website and circulated them to member brokerage firms, in line with the existing disclosure system, and within the efforts to enhance market transparency through dissemination of information affecting the share prices to enable the investor to make investment decisions. The following resolutions of the boards and public assemblies to some companies that have held meetings: the General Assembly for Palestine for Real Estate Investment Company PRICO: The General Assembly of PRICO approved to reduce the company"s capital from fifty million dinars to (48,575,974) by JD (1,424,026), and this reduction comes to cover the unsubscribed shares by the  (1,250,000) shares (par value of  one JD), and the Assembly canceled the shares that  has been allocated to Employees Provident Fund  by the number of 174.026 shares / JD. Board of Directors of Palestine Real Estate Investment PRICO held its meeting on Saturday 19/12/2009 and informed the PSE in their letter that the company"s board had ratified the agreement signed with the Ministry of Housing and Public Works which is specialized for executing the headquarters of the Council of Ministers within the compound of the ministries in Ramallah, with a value of NIS 22,600,000. The Board of Directors of Palestine Poultry AZIZA: The Board of Directors of Palestine Poultry which was held on Tuesday22/12/2009 discussed the matters on its agenda, in particular the financial performance of the company during the period of the current year, as the Board reviewed the progress of company"s new projects and approved the estimated budget for 2010. Al Rafah Microfinance Bank AMB: AMB held its board meeting on 23.12.2009, and discussed the  increasing of the bank"s capital, IFC Convention on the loan convertible to the right of property under the Mandate letter, the Board approved the principle and the continuation of negotiations with the IFC on some items, the board has recognized the founders coverage of the amount required to increase the capital by of $ 5 million in case of disagreement with the Strategic partner,  also the board discussed and approved the results of 2009 and 2010 budget plan.  Other companies held boards meetings without substantial decisions: PID, PLAZA, GMC, WASSEL, ARAB, AHC, LADAEN, PIIC and QUDS held their meetings and did not take any decision that affects the companies" shares.


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