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The date and agenda of the extraordinary general assembly of PALTEL


Pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act No. 12 of 1964, including Article 81 under which the company calls to attend the extraordinary general assembly, to be held in the halls of Hayat of Nablus – at four o"clock  on Wednesday 10-06-2009, and to consider the following agenda :
1 - Discussion the recommendation of the Board regarding deal with Mobile Telecommunications Company (ZAIN) and to approve it and take the necessary action to execute.
2 - And regarding the approval of the deal of partnership with ZAIN, to approve the increase in authorized capital of the company by 207081081 to reach 338706081 and the allocate the shares resulting from this increase in capital to ZAIN of Kuwait and the rest of the shareholders or the company Bella or as discussed in the assembly, so as the deal to enable the Palestinian telecommunications company to own the full shares in Bella which has in turn %100 of the shares of ZAIN Jordan.
3 - Authorizing the Board of Directors to prepare the prospectus and complete the necessary action to permit issuance.
4 - Authorizing the Board of Directors to take the necessary actions to complete the transaction with ZAIN Kuwait.
5 - To make certain amendments on some articles in the company"s act.

And the company will open headquarters in the halls of Rost - Gaza at the same time to enable the company"s shareholders who are unable to reach the headquarters of the main meeting in Nablus to participate in the proceedings of the meeting where the session will be broadcasted by the visual system of the meetings.



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