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PSE earns gains ... Arab stock exchanges prevail losses


Finally, the Israeli threats left into effect, Israel began a massive military operation in the Gaza Strip yesterday, the number of victims on the first day reached 200 and hundreds of wounded, which threatens to return the political factor on the top of effect factors in Palestine Securities Exchange, after months where fear of the repercussions of the global financial crisis in the regional financial markets was the main control of the Palestinian stock market trends. During the past three weeks, it had appeared the "disengagement" between the Palestinian market and surrounding markets in terms of vulnerability to financial crisis, last week devoted single-handedly to the Palestinian stock market when its index gained by 4 .3%, while Arab stock exchanges indices  had revealed losses, the most was in the Omani stock market index which closed on a loss of 17.8%, followed by the UAE with a loss of 16.9%, and then the Jordanian lost by  4.9%,  then the Saudi by 4.8% and the Kuwaiti by  4 .4 % and Bahraini by 3.6%, and the Lebanese loss by 2.4%, Egyptian lost of by 1.8%, and Tunisian and Moroccan lost by  0.6% each, and finally the Quatrain  lost by 0.1%. In Palestine, Al-Quds index closed at the level of 479.22 points earning by 15.60 points or by 3.36% .



Al-Quds Index in the green zone despite the political instability



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