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PSE under pacification fluctuation and the semiannual results anticipation and Arab stock exchanges decline


Three major factors internally and externally had affected the Palestinian Securities Exchange market last week. This resulted in a noticeable decrease in the overall volume and Al-Quds Index. Internally, the cease fire in Gaze Strip that is going through the second week had a difficult week, and the optimism had been exaggerated with its continuity. Interiorly also, it is anticipated that the market will announce the semiannual financial results for the companies in the beginning of July. The beginning of July is considered the period where the investors to re-organize their financial status. Externally, the Arab stock exchange markets vouched a bad week, because of the selling transactions to close the positions, which ended three weeks of market boost. The major loss was realized in the Amman Security Exchange market after a major decrease of 7.8% in its index.Due to all these factors, Al- Quds index decreased by 12.80 points or by %1.81, and ended this week transactions at the level of 694.52 point comparing to the previous week"s closing of 707.32 point last week, influenced by the decrease of the five sectors" indices. Regarding the market activity, the average traded shares decreased by %55.13 to 1.3 million shares daily last week versus 2.9 million shares in the previous week. On the other hand, the trading value decreased by %51.87 to $4.1 million dollar daily versus $8.5 million in the previous the last week. In general, the market experienced 2637 contracts that had been attained through trading 6.5 million shares that valued with $20.57 million, versus 4877 contracts in the previous week that included 14.4 million shares in that had valued $42.7 million. From 32 companies that had been traded, four companies only experienced a raise in their share prices, and two companies experienced no change while 26 companies closed the week transactions on losses. In conclusion, the PSE lost 1.98% from its market capitalization value, which decreased to $3.136 billion at the end of the week transactions versus $3.199 billion at the end of the previous week.




Al-Quds Index in the green zone despite the political instability



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