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Jenin: A delegation from PALTEL & PALTRADE examines the ways to encourage the investment in the city


Al-Jabir: Jenin has the resources which achieves a quantum leap.

A delegation from Palestine Trade Centre PALTRADE and PALTEL group had examined with several representatives in Jenin the mutual ways to encourage the investment in the city, especially after the success of the public security forces in executing "smile and hope" plan to implement the law and impose the security order.The delegation included Dr.Abdelmalik AL-Jabir the CEO of PALTEL group and Mohamad Al-Herbawi the board chairman of PALTRADE. Al-Jabir commended the efforts of the instituations in Jenin that target the construction and development, and said " Jenin owns the resources and experiences and the economic cadres that can contribute in a quantum leap, especially that the private sector in Jenin had stood under the preceding difficult circumstances".  Al-Jabir appraised the investors and the businessmen that faced all the circumstances to protect their nation and economy, pointing out to the projects that had been implemented by these businessmen in Jenin. Al-Jabir said "As a private sector, e can operate in all the country"s cities, such as Jenin that is distinguished with many economic advantages especially the agricultural field which can be an essential source to supply the Palestinian people with wheat" and added " we import approximately 30 thousand tons of wheat from aboard, and in case of starting to implement the wheat agricultural projects, we are devoted to provide direct support to the farmer here and contribute in creating large employment force" indicating to the possibility of projects establishment of silos for wheat that he thought that Jenin will be the perfect place for.     



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