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Al-Jabir: We have plan to integrate PALTEL companies' services under one package , the company is not for sale but we welcome the strategic partnerships, and we work silently to establish an integrated housing city


The CEO of PALTEL group Dr.Abdelmalik Al-Jabir banished the intention of selling a share of the company, ending the traded rumors that had extended since the beginning of the year regarding selling a share for an Arab communications company, but he also exhibited the readiness for strategic alliances and partnerships that contribute in developing the Palestinian market and grant the citizen additional cuts and services. Al-Jabir said: "it is true that there were press reports and rumors around selling or merger or other, but I frankly say that there is no basis for this, because the company is not for sale; neither big share nor small one". Al-Jabir welcomed the announcement of approaching the Wataniya operating, considering this entrance to the Palestinian market is within the direct interest to Palestine Telecommunications Company and Jawwal, as it benefits the Palestinian subscriber and the PNA treasury. Also Al-Jabir banished the news that had waved lately of him getting responsible of aboard company. Al-Jabir indicated that in spite of the announced projects- whether it is small or big- by Palestine Investment Conference, The conference itself is considered an accomplishment, because the negative image that had existed within most of the Arab businessmen is embedded significantly, and it is not possible to change unless by being present and show the real image to them. Al-Jabir indicated that this transition is a process that needs continuous effort and credibility in addition to follow up until we succeed in changing that stereotype image and convince the Arab capital to invest in Palestine and contribute in the economic development in Palestine.


Medium liquidity with the start of routine anticipation for the 9M 2017 financial data disclosures

A transaction on the stocks of PALTEL raises the liquidity levels this week



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