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TNB posts net income of $4.95 million in Q1 2021


According to financial statements of the National Bank TNB for the 1st Quarter of 2021, Net profit after tax of the period reached 4,946,268 USD Compared with Net Loss after tax (2,152,535) USD for 2020.Total assets of the company reached 2,740,014,302 USD compared with total assets of 2,844,745,304 USD at the end of year 2020, a net decrease of 3.68%.Total liabilities of the company reached 2,515,186,642 USD compared with total liabilities of 2,623,800,284 USD at the end of year 2020, a net decrease of 4.13%. Net ownership equity of the company reached 224,827,660 USD (Including Non-Controlling Interests of 104,132,065 USD) compared with total owner equity of 220,945,020 USD (Including Non-Controlling Interests of 101,456,699 USD) at the end of year 2020, a net increase of 1.76%.





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