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A delegation from Paltel group discuss "Partnerships and alliances reinforcement" in UAE and Kuwait


Paltel group announced that a high level delegation includes Dr.Abdelmalik Jabir and a number of seniors in the group will head in few days to Kuwait in a business trip to meet representatives of Kuwaiti institutions". The group clarified in a statement that the delegation will convene a series of business meetings with many businessmen and Kuwaiti companies" representatives, and the meetings will also include Kuwaiti youth leaders. The statement included that "the visit come within the group"s strategy to represent the Palestinian economy to the Arab World, where they work to create an aware and clear image in the different promising markets about the Palestinian economy stature and potential investment opportunities. The delegation finish it visit to the UAE yesterday, where they participated in "Abraj" conference that is considered one of the biggest investment companies in the region which in its turn manage investment portfolios that sized $10 billion to international and regional investors that Paltel group is considered one of them. The statement also mentioned that "Kuwait visit that will follow the UAE"s is the continuation of regional tours and activities that Paltel group do in order to reinforce the partnerships and alliances at Arab World level, and to motivate Arab investments in Palestine and to build base to these companies for the long run".



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