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GAZA: fears of depletion of cash after banks cut their relations with the Israeli sector banks.


GAZA: fears of depletion of cash after banks cut their relations with the Israeli sector banks.


Many citizens lived in an atmosphere of concern in the last period, after the Israeli decision as the Gaza Strip a "hostile" and the subsequent declaration of bank "Hapoalim", "Disekont" spare Israelis expressed their relations with banks Gaza Strip. Scarcely had wakes up people from the problem of the closure of Gaza crossings and prevent the entry of many types of goods and commodities, even surprised Israeli decisions seemed at first glance hot in content and harsh in their effects, the increased sense of isolation and targeting. It was not strange that revolve conversations and discussions and analysis among citizens and experts on the effects of the above decisions, and that raises many questions about the future of the shekel in the sector, and whether the day will come when the employee goes to the bank to withdraw his salary can not! It became obvious differences in views and expectations about what the future may bear developments in this regard, while the Monetary Authority found that the shekel may begin running of the sector within weeks, and that Gaza is going to put a humanitarian and economic situation, reduced experts in economics from the seriousness of making Israeli onslaught , stressing the difficulty but impossible severing relations with the banks, banks operating in the sector are final.
Gaza on the brink of disaster
For his part, Governor George Abd Monetary Authority that some banks might be forced to Palestinian closure of branches in the Gaza Strip the end of this year, because of the Israeli siege on the financial sector. He said in a press statement earlier that the supply of the Israeli shekel in the Gaza Strip could start running as of this month, and the Palestinians are at the level of individuals in the Gaza Strip may find it difficult to receive money from relatives abroad. Alabed  that 42 branches to the bank in the Gaza Strip suffer because of the economic deterioration in the sector and the sharp decline in imports and exports and restrictions on the supply of the shekel used in daily transactions. He added that the situation is very dangerous indeed very difficult and any other pressures will make the situation more difficult, we believe that the situation will turn into a humanitarian crisis end of the year if the situation continued. He added that the Monetary Authority, which is playing the central bank, advised banks operating in Gaza establishing parallel operations in the West Bank, in anticipation that a Gaza Strip closed completely in financial terms.


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