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Idleness dominates the PEX amid scarce liquidity



Sahem Weekly Trading Report (19-23)-11-2017

In this Week, the low liquidity levels that dominated the trading in Palestine Stock Exchange PEX for several weeks continued to heavily decline. Amid the receding in the liquidity flow -either new or internal circulation-, the liquidity scarcity reasons are still affected by an anticipation that is far from the stereotyping and routinely of this period of time. While the PEX is characterized with a unique nature of anticipation stages’ succession with their varying reasons, whereby, investors are not able to complete building their investment portfolios until new anticipation features appear in the horizon. However, Al-Quds Index closed this week at the level of 563.38 points; down by 0.02% than its previous weekly closing level, whereby price movements are still trading in a relatively narrow range amid rising anticipation for the remaining period of the year 2017.


Regarding this week’s trading, the price performance of the leading stocks did not witness any significant activity for any of them, to end their trading with varied changing in price trends and weights in Al-Quds Index. Whereby, the stock of the largest investment company by market capitalization – Palestine Development and Investment Company PADICO- is still leading the PEX when its transactions hit $0.83 million, to increase by 0.65% than its previous weekly closing level and record $1.55. In the same context, the stock of the largest company by market capitalization – Palestine Telecommunication PALTEL- increased by 0.22% than its previous weekly closing level, to stand at JD4.59 after trading in a relatively narrow range and through transactions worth $0.48 million. It is worth mentioning that the board of directors BOD of the company will be holding a meeting on 05/12/2017, to discuss and approve the estimated budget for the year 2018. Moreover, in the banking and financial services’ sector, the stock of the largest bank by market capitalization – Bank of Palestine BOP- stabilized at the level of $2.48 without any change than its previous weekly closing level and after transactions worth $0.24 million.


Within the general economic indicators, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics PCBS issued the Labor Force Survey for the third quarter of 2017, noting that the labor force participation rate of individuals aged 15 years and above was 46.5%; 46.5% in the West Bank compared to 46.7% in Gaza Strip. While the unemployment rate reached 29.2% among labor force participants. However, the gap in participation rate between the West Bank and Gaza Strip is still very big; where it reached 46.6% in Gaza Strip compared to 19.0% in the West Bank, Moreover, the unemployment rate concerning gender is distributed as 23.9% for males compared to 50.0% for females. On the other hand, the services sector is considered the biggest employer in the local market with 31.0% in the West Bank compared to 51.8% in Gaza Strip, Whereas, The public sector employs 20.8% of those in employment; 35.9% in Gaza Strip and 14.9% in the West Bank.





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