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Hassouna calls Middle European partnership countries to support the Palestinian economy


Hassouna calls Middle European partnership countries to support the Palestinian economy


Economy Minister Kamal Hassouneh urged his economic ministers States acceding to the Convention on European-Middle East partnership to promote joint economic cooperation relations with the Palestinian territories, and work to strengthen the national economy and support requirements for recovery



Hassouna stressed during his participation in the Middle European Partnership conference which was held in Lisbon the capital of Portuguese over the past two days, the importance of the issues examined by the participants in the conference who appeared about 40 European and Middle East .



The participants called for activating the mechanisms of technical support and material support to the Palestinian territories and to work on opening the markets of these countries for local products on the grounds that Palestine is a member of the partnership agreement



Hassouna briefed the participants on the contents of the tripartite development plan "2008 2010" from the various projects and programs aimed at strengthening the structure of the national economy and reducing the problem of poverty and unemployment, showing his understanding of the participants of the need to meet the urgent Palestinian needs and work to overcome the impediments and restrictions imposed by the Israeli side



He noted that he made on the sidelines of the conference proceedings of meetings with a number of ministers and partnership countries and the European Union aimed at discussing the opportunities of enhancing cooperation and trade interest. also the conference sessions focused on the research opportunities to deepen economic ties between the countries of the partnership and ways to overcome the impediments and obstacles that would impede the free trade agreement, in addition to what has been discussed by social and political issues of common interest.



He stressed that the issue of strengthening the business relationship Palestinian Turkish hand, and promoting Arab trade exchange Turkish other hand, got a considerable part of the conference sessions, as the focus was on access for Palestine Convention Agadir "Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco" and opportunities for States to join the Convention.


Hassouna intentioned to participate early next month at the communications to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, saying that he will discuss on the sidelines of the conference ways of enabling the national company "second telecommunications operator in the Palestinian territories" to obtain the frequencies necessary to launch the second operator .




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