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Ministry of planning: The authority’s ministries finished preparing sectoral plans to be submitted within the 3 year plan of the donor conference


Ministry of planning: The authority’s ministries finished preparing sectoral plans to be submitted within the 3 year plan of the donor conference


Dr.Samir Abdallah, Minister of Planning, said that the ministry will be taking over sectoral plans over the next few days which was prepared by the ministries and institutions of authority on the needs of the various programs and projects for the next three years. Abdullah said in an interview with "Alayyam newspaper" on the work undertaken for the medium-term development plan "2008 2010" triennial plan ,that the plan amounted now to the middle of the road, where every ministry had prepared determinants Chairperson of the sectoral plan, which means that all sectoral plans their preparation will be completed soon for integration within the three-year plan for presentation to the donor conference, expected to take place in mid-December next in the French capital Paris, as expected. Abdullah did not specify the cost of the projects plan that the recent projects and various programs will make the transition from economic recession to a growth needed to address the problem of unemployment and poverty and reduction actually. He stressed that in spite of the state of division taking place in the Palestinian territories under the control of "Hamas" on the Gaza Strip but the projects and programs planned in the framework of the plan focused on the priorities and needs of the Gaza Strip, saying that there was no outside interference mentioned in the vision for development economic in the Palestinian territories. Abdullah stated that in this context that the new government since it took the work last June and placed an urgent plan "recovery plan" for the management of all economic issues and living of the people in the Palestinian territories. He stressed that the provision of the necessary revenue to balance the authority to pay salaries and benefits of staff form of the first priorities of the government, which assumed spending about $ 200 million per month in the local market, in addition to the expenses incurred for other operational estimated at about 50 million included to support the needs of marginalized groups and the private sector arrears and ensure humanitarian needs and relief service "Water, electricity and fuel" in addition to aid, the number of users. He pointed out that the rate of 85% of the families of the Gaza Strip has become dependent on aid provided by donors and the Authority. Turning to retreat authority"s ability to continue the development process in the Gaza Strip during the past few months because of the donor community boycott of the Hamas movement, this resulted in the stopping of development projects in the sector. The Authority continued its contacts with international institutions and donors to urge them to resume support for the projects and to intervene with the Israeli side in order to lift the severe restrictions imposed on the entry of raw materials for the Gaza Strip, in this context, warning of the danger of the continuation of the suspension of some projects that the work was started before the discount the military, including on sanitation projects in the northern sector, adding that the non-resumption of these projects threaten environmental disaster occurred and humane. He noted the sustainability of efforts to reopen the Al-Mintar crossing "Karni", noting that European parties promised to intervene in this matter provided that deal with the government "Hamas". Abdullah said that the continuity of the political status quo in the Gaza Strip under the control of "Hamas" prevented a generic point of dealing with donors in the resumption of projects, blaming "Hamas" responsible for the paralysis of the various sectors and the work in the Gaza Strip. He stressed that the private sector was the most affected by pay for the siege and closures imposed, stressing the inability of the private sector to continue in the situation.



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