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Sahem Trading & Investments Company announces the launch of “Gift of a Lifetime “stock certificates.


Sahem Trading & Investments Company announces the launch of “Gift of a Lifetime “stock certificates.



“Leading Palestinian brokerage stays one step ahead of the competition with an expanding roster of client services”



  Sahem Trading & Investments Company announced today the launch of a new client service:  Sahem’s Gift of a Lifetime” stock certificate program.  Under the program, customers can purchase stocks in any PSE-registered company and make a gift of those stocks to another person for occasions of all kinds: births, weddings.  Sahem issues a stock certificate in the name of the recipient detailing the number of stocks purchased and the value of those stocks on the date purchased.  The stock certificate can be redeemed by the recipient at any time at Sahem or any other licensed brokerage firm. Gifts of stock have been an established tradition in the developed world for decades, but Sahem is the first brokerage house to introduce the service in Palestine.  Gift stocks typically appeal to investors and recipients alike because the value of the gift is very likely to increase over time, as the value of a company’s shares increase.  There are no restrictions on who can purchase gift stock certificates, or on the recipient of the gift.  Stock certificates can be issued to minors (persons under the age of 18), to Palestinian citizens and non-citizens. Sahem’s gift stock certificate service is authorized and approved by the Palestine Securities Exchange (PSE).Sahem’s “Gift of a Lifetime” launch follows closely on its introduction of online stock trading (‘e-trade”) to the Palestinian market.  Since the April 2007 launch of Sahem e-trade, the brokerage house has continued to dominate the market, in part due to Sahem’s upsurge in new clients from abroad taking advantage of the online trading service.  The PSE announced last month that Sahem led the Palestinian market in trading volumes again for the first half of 2007. For more information on the new Gift of a Lifetime program or Sahem e-trade services, contact Sahem Trading and Investments Company.




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