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Palestine Exchange in the red zone as the rest of the region's markets


Weekly Trading Report [23-27/08/ [2015

Despite the weak correlation between the worldwide economies and the Palestinian economy on one hand, and the international financial markets’ movement with Palestine Stock Exchange PEX movement on another hand, the red dominated the PEX following the declines in some effectible stocks in Al-Quds Index. Whereas, this decline cannot be attributed to the sharp fluctuations in the international markets, which in turn was resulted from the fears of slowness in the economic growth in the world’s second largest economy and exporter of goods and commercial services and what may cause of declines in other economies, but the PEX continued its declining for this week to report losses of 1.45% due to recording new 52 weeks lows by some stocks. Far from the physiological affection on the traders of the PEX by the external factors, there is no doubt that particular tempers dominate their behaviour in the local market, which are completely differentiated from their corresponding in other markets and are characterized with basis, drivers and barriers that stem from the distinct entity of the Palestinian investment environment in general and the PEX in particular. Some distinction may be positive such as the legislative environment, investment easiness and rewarding return, while others are negative with significant impact such as the political horizon blockage and lack of foreign liquidity.

The end of the semi-annual financial data disclosure- despite its varying results- hasn’t contributed in limiting the gradual decline in the PEX on one hand, and stimulating the liquidity- even if speculative or newly invested- on another hand. In aggregate, the liquidity indicators haven’t changed this week than the previous ones, leading the trading levels to remain in the minimum levels without any momentum in general or on one of the listed stocks. The declining in the stock of Palestine Development and Investment Company PADICO in the PEX widely affected the Index. PADICO decreased, during the week, to record the lowest level in a year; down by 3.51% when closed at the level of $1.10 after medium-transactions worth of $0.50 million. It is worth mentioning that PADICO disclosed previously a slight decrease in its net income attributable to the shareholders of the parent company following a decline in its share from Palestine Telecommunications’ profits despite the increase recorded in the operating revenues of its subsidiaries. Moreover, the stock of Palestine Telecommunications PALTEL- the heaviest weighted in Al-Quds Index- decreased by 1.09%, to close at the level of JD5.42 after transactions worth $0.54 million.

Regarding the other trading, the stock of Bank of Palestine BOP also declined by 1.92% and closed at the level of $2.55 after transactions that worth of $0.56 million. While, trading was relatively active on some stocks in the banking sector. Whereby, the trading value of the National Bank TNB increased to $0.61 million; up by 3.70% when closed at the level of $1.40. It is worth mentioning that the bank has disclosed recording an increase of 20.30% in its net income in H1 2015. Moreover, the trading value of Al-Quds Bank QUDS increased to report $0.28 million, closing at the level of $1.06; up by 0.95%.





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