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Institutional transactions on TNB enhance trading values


Sahem Weekly Trading Report (07-11)-06-2015        

In parallel to the lack of substantial news, the state of lack of liquidity that has dominated the trading process in Palestine Stock Exchange PEX for several months continues. Thereby, the weak pattern deepens amid the absence of investors, and the receding in cash flows overshadows the drivers for creating new investment positions or engaging in speculation. However, it is worth mentioning that the institutional transactions raise the trading value from time to time, while the ordinary trading value barely records acceptable levels. On the other hand and within a period characterized with rigidity in the general incentives due to the non-existence of any political or economic developments, the PEX enters in a new routine slow phase with the start of the holy month Ramadan in the few coming days. In terms of prices, trading below the 480 points was the most watched by traders. With the varied declines in the leading stocks’ prices and the attempts of other stocks to close with slight increases, Al-Quds Index closed in the red zone at the end of the week.

Within the trading indicators of the week, an institutional transaction worth around $3.50 million on the shares of the National Bank TNB raised the trading value, where through Palestine Development and Investment Company PADICO has sold its stake in TNB to Palestine Telecommunications Company PALTEL to raise its stake to around 17% of the bank’s $75 million paid up capital. Other than that, the remaining transactions recorded a few hundreds of thousands dollars distributed on the leading stocks and other stocks. Regarding the individual price trends of the stocks, the decline in the prices of both Palestine Development and Investment Company PADICO and Bank of Palestine BOP impacted the decline in Al-Quds Index opposed to a stabilizing in the PALTEL’s stock price after closing in the slight green zone.

On the other hand and within the attempts of all parties in the investment environment in Palestine within the private and public sectors, representatives of both sectors emphasized the availability of great opportunities for investment in Palestine with profitable economic returns, pointing to the need to continue the efforts to improve the investment environment through the enactment of further legislation. This came during the 3rd Palestine Business Finance Conference that discussed the investment opportunities and regulatory frameworks for the industrial, financial, telecommunications and technological sectors in Palestine.





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