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Government decides to disburse $12 million of financial aid to needy families during the month of Ramadan


 Almalki announced the financial assistance to needy families in Ramadan where the government agreed to disburse $12 million to about 117,312 families and at $100 to each family. Almalki explained that the exemption covers 34 thousand families originally given financial assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs. He said the families would be covered by the aid distributed by 54% of families in Gaza and 46% of the West Bank. As for the distribution mechanism, Almalki pointed out that it would be done according to data from the Ministry of Social Affairs and by the conservatives, through banks operating in the West Bank and Gaza because of the control Hamas has over the Ministry in Gaza. The government also decided to offer therapeutic help in financial aid valuing 3,050,000nis in order to cultivate marrow and liver diseases of the less fortunate where insurance doesn’t cover such treatments. The government agreed to exempt school fees from children of less fortunate families through the payment of disability resulting from the exemption directly from the Ministry of Higher Education. On the financial level,Almalki announced that President Mahmoud Abbas ratified the governments budget for 2007 to become a balancing forced law issued by the President himself.






Al-Quds index declines by 0.20% in the penultimate week of September

Medium liquidity with the start of routine anticipation for the 9M 2017 financial data disclosures

A transaction on the stocks of PALTEL raises the liquidity levels this week



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