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Dr.Fayyad:”We are working on the development of the financial system and the unification of income, expenditure, the activation of control and the follow-up on reformation steps”.


The coalition systems for integrity and accountability safety organized a workshop which was attended by Dr. Salam Fayyad and a number of representatives from civil institutions and officials from the Ministry of Finance and The Ministry of Planning .This was in order to discuss the income and expenditure report in the National Authority for 2006 and the semi-annual period of 2007. Dr. Salam Fayyad said that despite the failures and difficulties with the national authority, the Ministry of Finance will issue special financial reports of income and expenditure monthly starting September. This in order to invite researchers to follow up on reports and stand on accuracy. At the beginning of the meeting, Jamila Abed, Manager of the Integrity Project, talked about the goal of the meeting in enhancing transparency and accountability in the civil action, and the need for integration and synergy between all segments of the Palestinian people to fight corruption. It was added that there was a lack of information and therefore could not control institutions safety financial situation and there was an objective difficulty relating to the collection of information. He asked the Legislative Council to fulfill its oversight to ensure integrity in the work, also stressed the need "to respond to import one account and acted from a single account."And the challenges faced by the Ministry of Finance, Fayyad said : The biggest challenge was how to provide salaries, and debt repayment.
For his part, praised Husseini, the report on income and expenditure, and touched on the need to unify the income and expenditure account of public funds, and said : We in the Presidential Office open a consolidated account has been named the expense of public expenditures, to facilitate scrutiny by the Office of the Oversight and jurisdictions, and there has been no problematic. He added that "the problem was money, which came through portfolios across a Hamas leader, did not enter him for the Ministry of Finance little."
For his part, stressed d. Azmi Al Shuaibi, General Coordinator of the Coalition (safety), the need for accountability of labor organizations Ahli of the government sector of the national authority, as he referred to "the decline in the principles of transparency by the Authority", and wondered about the funds withheld by Israel, also noted the importance of the application and train grassroots organizations the mechanisms of accountability and exert pressure and influence to fight corruption. He called Al Shuaibi, the premier "presented the budget to civil society, which is working with him to strengthen its control over the public sector."
The d. Ahmed Abu-Dayyeh, the revenue and expenditure report to the Palestinian National Authority for 2006 and the first half of the year 2007, where he stressed the importance of the commitment authority Law budget, also pointed to the impact of new appointments, and the detention by Israel of funds of the Authority of tax revenues, the income and expenditure.
Regarding external assistance to the Authority, Abu Dayyeh pointed out that "most came without coordination with the government, but through irregular flows in terms of content or administration, which has prevented the ability to be manipulated and exploited as a plan or vision of a unified," Turning to the presence of "some deviations" the law in the financial performance of power and the lack of clarity mechanisms of exchange and expenditure, in addition to shortening the Cabinet oversight in the reporting, and the declining role of the Legislative Council in the area of financial control and financial reform to the Authority, and failure to submit quarterly financial reports. Abu Dayyeh stressed the need to activate the principles of transparency as well as access to information to the public and civil society in every respect to the management of public funds by the executive bodies, control and opening the door to discuss cooperation between official institutions and non-official











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