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Companies Disclosures for the Semi-Annual Period of 2007


Companies Disclosures for the Semi-Annual Period of 2007

 161 Thousand JD in Profits for The Palestine Poultry Co.(AZIZA)

Financial data indicated a profit of 161,108 JD for this semi-annual period, while in 06-30-2006 it was 776,992JD.The company’s assets amounted to 13,755,791JD,compared to 06-30-2006 which was 13,359,824JD.Liabilities are 3,675,196JD,it was 3,123,776JD as of 06-30-2006.The total dues amounted to 10,080,595JD compared with the 10,236,048JD as of 06-30-2006.

 $418 Thousand in Profits for Alrafah Microfinance Bank (AMB)

 The banks data indicated a net profit, before taxes, of $418,067.Compared with the net loss of $29,631 of last year. The banks assets amounted to $55, 976, 179 , while last year it was $42,706,513 as of 12-31-2006.The demands on 06-30-2007 valued $28,165,578 while amounting to $15,915,094 as of 12-31-2006.Net Shareholders rights is $27,810,601 to $26,791,419 in 12-31-2006.

 147 Thousand JD in losses for the Arab Palestinian Shopping Centers(PLAZA)

 AIE’s financial data showed a net loss of 147,066JD compared with 12-31-2006 loss of 413,134JD.The company’s assets amounted to 8,415,344JD while it amounted to 7,857,011JD as of 12-31-2006.Liabilities are 4,119,865JD compared with 3,415,864 in 12-31-2006.The Net Shareholders rights reached up to 4,295,479JD after it was 4,441,147 the end of last year.

 93 Thousand Shekels in losses for the Arab Insurance Establishment (AIE)

 This company’s data indicated a net loss, before taxes, amounting to 93,127 NIS . The assets are 127,942,982 NIS compared with the end of last year which was 129,598,254.Liabilies are 103,007,632 NIS when last year it was 102,571,622 NIS with a total of 24,935,632 NIS as shareholders rights. While last year it was 27,026,632.

 53 Thousand Dinars in Company Profits for the Palestinian Co. for Distribution and Logistics (WASSEL)

 Data indicated a net profit of 53,611JD while assets amounted to 8,057,501JD after it was 8,254,321JD in 12-31-2006.Its liabilities have decreased to 1,868,919JD after it was 2,073,383JD in 12-31-2006.The rights of shareholders rose slightly from 6,480,938 in 12-31-2006 to 6,188,582JD in 06-30-2007.

 495 Thousand Dinars in Company Profits for the Palestine Industrial Investment Co.(PIIC)

 This company’s financial statements indicated a 495,553JD pre-tax profit compared with the net loss of 1,691,613JD in 06-30-2006.The company’s assets amounted to 28,361,002JD while last year it was 23,383,984JD as of 06-30-2006.While its liabilities ended up 5,239,984JD and as of 06-30-2006 it was 1.721.928JD.The shareholders net right reached up to 23,121,141JD after it was 21,662,056JD on 06-30-2006.

 $2.3 Million in Profits for the Palestine Investment Bank (PIBC)

 The bank indicated a $2,310,767 in profits before taxes while it was $3,506,625 as of 06-30-2006.The banks assets amounted to $202,240,850 while it was $208,178,070 on 12-31-2006.Liabilies valued $144,134,069 compared to 12-31-2006 where it was $150,413,301.The net shareholders rights is $58,106,781 where as of 12-31-2006 it was $57,764,769.

 43 Thousand Dinars in losses for the Arab Concrete Products Co.(ACPC)

 The market received the audited financial statements for ACPC which showed a loss amounting to about 43.6 thousand dinars for this semi-annual period of 2007 compared with last years losses which was about 45 thousand dinars.The total assets were about 2.437 million dinars compared with last years at about 3.388 million dinars. Shareholders rights is about 197.7 thousand dinars compared with last year where it was 287 thousand.









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