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An Increase in the PPI during January 2013


The overall Producer Price Index (PPI) for Palestine with its base month (January 2011=100) reached 103.41 in January 2013, as it increased by 0.95% compared to December 2012.  Producer Price Index for exported products (January 2011=100) reached 105.56 in January 2013, which indicates an increase by 0.13% compared to December 2012.  Producer Price Index for locally consumed products (January 2011=100) reached 103.19 in January 2013, which indicates an increase by 1.04% compared to December 2012.


ISBK proposes raising its capital through distributing 6.25% stock dividends for the year 2020

NSC proposes distributing 5% cash dividends for the year 2020

NCI recommends distributing 10% cash dividends for the year 2020

BOP proposes distributing 4% cash dividends and 1% stocks dividends for the year 2020



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