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Temporary International Mechanism: More than Half a Billion Dollars In Order to Support Various Sectors


In a Report Concerning the Total Assistance to the Palestinian People

 Temporary International Mechanism: More than Half a Billion Dollars In Order to Support Various Sectors

Jerusalem: A temporary international mechanism to provide assistance to the Palestinian people revealed yesterday that the total spent by the three windows of the total 509.67 million Euros. The mechanism yesterday stated that under the title progress in the first window to the European commission and EU members of the states and under donors who finance this window including 51.70 million euros in order to provide the necessary supplies to cover current expenditures in the areas of health, education and social services within the Department of the World Bank program to support emergency services. The mechanism: Until now concluded contracts worth $53.6 million (39.9 million euros) on programs developed within the first window to cover optional expenses and purchases in all the sectors mentioned above so that the total spent here is $22.5 million (16.8 million euros).In the second window, whereupon the European commission alone financing this window managing and implementing by the administrative unit for the interim international force to ensure the provision of electricity, health care and sanitation, so the total spent is 120 million euros.






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