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The Government decided to pay a portion of dues to the military and civilian staff and also to unpaid debts on Sunday


The Government decided to pay a portion of dues to the military and civilian staff and also to unpaid debts on Sunday

The government decided to launch a payment of 1,000 shekels of accrued entitlements to workers in the security services, and also to those who still haven’t received their entitlements. This will begin next Sunday. It was also decided that the payment of accrued entitlements to workers in the private government sector be paid next Sunday to complete 50% of total receivables. This procedure will not include teachers, on the grounds that teachers have received about 70% of their total receivables so far. Riad Malki, Minister of Media said that workers in the civilian sector will receive a batch of their accrued entitlements next Sunday. The government was in its regular meeting yesterday headed by Dr.Salam Fayyad, and therefore approved this decision and other decisions related to the Palestinian public. Almalki said,” In line with what the government announced on its obligation to pay monthly salaries as well as payment of accrued entitlements, priority is given to groups which received less than others like the military and in recognition of the role of agencies in the implementation of the security plan, it was decided to exchange 1,000 shekels to the military services next Sunday, from accrued benefits. ”The government decided to launch the pay of employees who were excluded from the recent paydays also next Sunday, in the framework of the screening process carried out by the special committee according to letters received by each ministry from its employees. The government also decided to compensate farmers with 800 thousand dollars due to Israelis destruction of their grape vineyards. The government also decided to start rehabilitation through the Mu’arajat road which links central and northern West Bank together with the city of Jericho . Among other resolutions issued by the government, linking the mainframe to the Ministry of Communications with the Police department in the Ministry of Interior as well as linking the Directorate General Police crossings with the Ministry of Interior. This in order to facilitate the life of citizens for the better.





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