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The Al Quds Index tops all Arab stock markets’ indices rising up 4.94%


The Al Quds Index experienced an increase of 4.94% during June 2010, surpassing the closing of May, marking the highest increase amongst regional Arab stock indices.   Indices that also rallied in the Arab world include the Damascus Securities Exchange rising 4.33% and the Qatar Stock Exchange Index climbing 1.68% up.

Other Arab indices experienced more dramatic percentage decreases, clearly affected by the recent European debt crisis and the resulted fears that have been circulating the economic world.  The Egyptian Exchange  plummeted-7.88%, the Dubai Exchange was down -7.45%, the Oman Exchange -3.75%, the Bahrain Exchange -3.72%, Abu Dhabi -3.46%, Lebanon 2.47%, Morocco -2.44%, Kuwait -2.34%, Jordan -2.21%, Libya -1.92%, Tunisia -0.64%, and Saudi Arabia -0.44%.

In regards to the trading values and volumes in the Palestinian Securities Exchange for June, the number of traded stocks increased noticeably by 41.04% in comparison to the trading volume in May.  The trading value also increased during June, eventually attaining a value of 76.8 million USD.  This value represents an astounding percentage increase of 87.20% in comparison to the 41 million USD trading value for May 2010.


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