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"The Palestinian Telecommunications Company" expects profits of more than 24 million Jordanian dinars in the first half of this year.


"The Palestinian Telecommunications Company" expects profits of more than 24 million Jordanian dinars in the first half of this year.

The Executive Chairman of the Palestinian Telecommunications, Dr.Abdel Malik Aljaber expects profits to exceed in the first half of the current year compared to what it achieved the corresponding period of last year, which amounted to 24 million JOD. Aljaber assured this progress in despite of the recent events in Gaza from the repercussions and negative effects on the various activities of the private sector. These activities weren’t limited only to the Palestinian Market group, it actually crossed geographical boundaries. But we have enabled the group to overcome this crisis and maintain continuity of its work. Aljaber revealed the company’s intention in implementing two strategic projects which are aimed at achieving a quantum leap in the level of services provided to the public and all the categories of participants according to their priorities. The cost of these projects is estimated at about 25 million USD, amplificating that the first project regards billing and customer care, at a cost of 10 million USD. It is aiming to boost efficiency and customer care needs as a priority. Aljaber explained that this project will identify telecommunication opportunities or fixed cell phones as common needs. This means participants who wish to focus on a phone call to a specific country will get an appropriate discount to the bill value. In addition, this system will reignite the vital minutes offered to customers. Noting that the scope of this project will pilot early services for next September. Aljaber pointed out that the second project”The New Generation Service Network (NGN)”is planned to introduce the service during the first half of next year, including the introduction of new changes to expand the level of services and add new services. This either through international calls, or via the Internet. As well as providing high-speed Internet telephone control services to institutions, this requires extensive use of its contacts. The cost of implementing this project is estimated at 15 million USD. Therefore, Aljaber turned to the results of the deteriorating economic conditions due to the embargo, and the rise in poverty, unemployment rates and sharp decline in income levels. He assured that the international community following the emergency government formation promises to support the resumption of power and the lifting of the 18 month imposed embargo, and will contribute positively to revitalize the economic situation. Aljaber stated that what the emergency government is willing to provide as of liquidity in the local market to pay full salaries for staff, will have a direct impact on the movement of projects for the private sector. This in the event coincided with the reopening of the crossing borders. He also stressed that the Palestine Securities Exchange witnessed   improvement as of the formation of the new government ;stating that the strengthening of the internal securities, and the elimination of armed rallies, would have a positive impact on the perspective of the overall private sector activities. Aljaber warned about the danger of disruption to the public life in Gaza and dividing the Palestinian territories into two markets in the West bank and Gaza, saying that this would harm the private sectors interest and will be of more profit to the Israeli economy. He stressed the importance of realizing Gaza ’s critical situation for the Palestinian people and to recognize private sector institutions of high professionalism, in view of this sector of services fro the Authority and its institutions. Noting that the telecommunications group hasn’t received any financial dues till this day .This due to what the Palestinian Authorities difficult conditions and what has been experienced during the previous period.  








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