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This Month News

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The decline in market activity continues and Al-Quds index stables


Jafar Sadaqa wrote:

Last week trading volume in PSE continued to decline for the second week in a row, while Al-Quds index managed to end the week"s transactions with stability. Al-Quds index closed at the level of 502.48 points rising by 0.16 points or by %0.03, simulated by slightly increases in four sectors" indices: banking, investment, industry and insurance comparing to decline in services sector"s index. Last week"s trading had vouched a remarkable drop, when the average daily traded volume declined by %44.36 to reach 390 thousands shares from 701 thousands shares in the previous week. Also trading value declined by %54.85 to reach $574 thousands daily from $1.30 million in the previous week. In aggregate, the market witnessed 1122 contracts to trade 1.95 million shares that valued $2.87 million, comparing to 1230 contracts that had traded 3.5 million shares with a value of $6.36 million. In general (29) companies’ shares were traded, where (20) witnessed an increase in their closing prices, (7) witnessed a decrease while the two remaining companies" share stable.





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