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Details of the Palestinian National Authority plan for early recovery and reconstruction in Gaza


afar Sadaqa wrote:


"The Palestinian National Authority plan for the early recovery and reconstruction in Gaza for the years 2009- 2010" that was prepared by the Palestinian National Authority will be the only paper on the table at the donors conference which opens today in Sharm el-Sheikh, which was called by Egypt under the title "International Conference to support the Palestinian economy to the reconstruction of Gaza", and includes programs with a cost of about $2.8 billion, including the deficit in the current expenditure of the public budget, which spent more than half usually in the Gaza Strip.
Of the total needs that the PNA will require funding from donors in Sharm el-Sheikh conference, the plan specialized $1326 million for the program of early recovery and reconstruction of the latest aggression in the Gaza Strip, carried out over the years 2009-2010, and $1450 million to finance the deficit in the current spending in the budget of the Authority for 2009, including $300 million to face the additional burdens on the budget to meet the emergency needs of the Gaza Strip after the attack.
The plan has been prepared by the Ministry of Planning with support from all ministries and agencies of the United Nations and the European Community and the World Bank and other partners, and will form the basis for the mobilization of resources and efforts that will be held in Sharm el-Sheikh, also will be the guiding framework for all the interventional procedures of the early recovery and reconstruction.
In his presentation of the plan, which came in about 50 pages, the Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad says: it represents a coordinated response by the authorities and local and international partners to deal with the destruction of the Gaza Strip due to the recent Israeli aggression, in addition to what the economy is suffering in the first place in result the suffocating siege years.
Fayyad stresses that the plan goes from that Gaza Strip is "an essential part and inalienable of the future Palestine", saying the first step towards recovery from the recent Israeli invasion, is the building of better living conditions for citizens in the sector ".


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