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Modest transactions amid acceleration in financial disclosures


Sahem Weekly Trading Report (24-28)-10-2021

With the approaching end of October 2021, Palestine Stock Market PEX was dominated with a weak trading movement derived its weakness from the anticipation phase that dominated the investors, with the approach end of the legal period granted by the PEX to the listed companies to disclose their 9M financial data. On the other hand,   Al-Quds Index increased by 0.41% than the previous week, closing at the level of 583.63 points after trading in a relatively narrow range. This mainly came due to the increase in the prices of most blue-chips with heaviest weights and effects in the Index. On another hand, the next week is expected to witness disclosures’ momentum. In all cases, the expected 9M financial data will build more on what has been established by many of the Palestine Stock Exchange PEX’s constituents’ components.

Regarding the listed companies 9M 2021 disclosures, the Arab Company for Paints Products APC noted posting net income of JD0.74 million in 9M 2021, compared to net income of JD0.44 million in the corresponding period a year earlier. This mainly came from an increase in the company’s sales by 21.81% between the two periods and therefore gross income by 44.32%. Based on the disclosed figures, APC records BV of JD3.60 and P/BV of 1.78x.  Also, the National Aluminum & Profile Company NAPCO disclosed posting net income of JD0.34 million in 9M 2021 compared to net loss of JD0.44 million in 9M 2020. This mainly resulted from an increase of 55.42% in the company’s sales between the two periods. Based on the disclosed figures, NAPCO records BV of JD1.58 and P/BV of 0.95x.

Regarding the economic indicators and according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics PCBS, exports increased in August, 2021 by 27% compared to July, 2021. It also increased by 41% compared to August, 2020 and reached USD 138.7 million. Also, imports increased in August, 2021 by 11% compared to July, 2021. It also increased by 32% compared to August, 2020 and reached USD 560 million. While the trade balance which represents the difference between exports and imports showed an increase in trade deficit by 6% in August, 2021 compared to July, 2021. It also increased by 30% compared to August, 2020 and reached USD 421.3 million.




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