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Cautious transactions & the listed companies continue to raise their dividends distribution proposals


 Sahem Weekly Trading Report (14-18)-06-2020

Amid relatively cautious and scarce transactions, Al-Quds Index closed at the level of 473.95 points; down by 0.13% than its previous weekly closing level, and by 9.89% than its yearly closing at the end of 2019. While the performance of one stock of the listed companies, especially the blue-chips, didn’t differ from any other. Where the leading stocks stood still; some closed without any change, at their previous weekly closing levels, while others with slight fluctuations that are more likely to relatively decline or increase shyly. On another hand, the listed companies continued to raise their recommendation regarding distributing dividends for their shareholders for the year 2019.

Regarding the dividends distribution proposals for the year 2019, the board of directors of Nablus Surgical Center NSC raised a recommendation to the general assembly which will be holding a meeting on 16/07/2020, to distribute 5% cash dividends for its shareholders for the year 2019, to record dividends yield of 2.50% based on the current market price. Whereby, 20 listed companies approved distributing dividends for their shareholders till now: 15 companies approved distributing cash dividends, 4 companies approved distributing both cash and stocks dividends, while only one company approved distributing stocks dividends. In the sectors, 5 companies in the banking and financial services sector approved dividends distribution, in addition to 8 companies in the industry sector, 3 companies in the insurance sector and 2 companies in each of the investment and services sectors.

Regarding the economic indicators and according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics PCBS, the overall Consumer Price Index CPI for Palestine during May 2020 decreased by 0.91% compared with April 2020 (by 1.29% in Gaza Strip, by 0.88% in the West Bank, and by 0.41% in Jerusalem). Whereby, the changes in the Palestinian CPI for May 2020 were traced back to the decline in prices of the following expenditure sub groups compared with previous month: dried vegetables by -20.74%, eggs by -16.16%, fresh vegetables by -12.51%, gas by -6.21%, liquid fuel for car "Diesel" by -4.85%, liquid fuel for car "Petrol" by -2.55%, fresh chicken by -2.00%, fresh fruits by -2.00%, vegetable oil by -1.59%, fresh meat by -0.87%, short grain rice by -0.81%, in addition to potatoes and other tubers by -0.69%. In comparison to the prices, The Palestinian CPI during May 2020 decreased by 1.96% compared with May 2019 (by 2.05% in Gaza Strip, by 2.00% in the West Bank, and by 0.88% in Jerusalem).




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