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TNB posts net income of $9.08 million in H1 2019


According to the financial statements of the National Bank TNB for the first half of 2019, Net profit after tax of the period reached 9,085,196 USD Compared with Net profit after tax 8,352,087 USD for 2018, a net increase in profit of 8.78%.Total assets of the company reached 2,341,181,950 USD compared with total assets of 2,204,690,870 USD at the end of year 2018, a net increase of 6.19%.Total liabilities of the company reached 2,152,661,649 USD compared with total liabilities of 2,016,830,274 USD at the end of year 2018, a net increase of 6.73%. Net ownership equity of the company reached 188,520,301 USD (Including Non-Controlling Interests of 94,758,858 USD) compared with total owner equity of 187,860,596 USD (Including Non-Controlling Interests of 94,775,472 USD) at the end of year 2018, a net increase of 0.35%.Noting that paid-in capital increased from 75,000,000 USD in year 2018 to 78,000,000 USD of this year,a net increase of 4.00%



Al-Quds Index declines with the approaching end of November

Al-Quds Index increases significantly to break-through barriers that has abandoned for a period of time

The PEX records average PE of 17.6 x in 9M 2020

Al-Quds Index in the green zone with the start of November



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