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Al-Quds Index in the green zone amid lacking any trading momentum pace


 Sahem Weekly Trading Report (28-07)-(01-08)-2019

In this week also, the trading pace in Palestine Stock Exchange PEX was not different than the other weeks; it is still weak and lacks any momentum. While Al-Quds Index increased by 1.01% than its previous weekly closing level after trading in a relatively wide range, to breakthrough the 530 points level; recording 531.01 points. Where the performance of one share of the listed companies didn’t shine than any other, while, some of the leading stocks of heaviest weights in the Index stabilized and slightly declined, despite a significant increase in the price of other leading stocks in the week. On another hand, the listed companies continued scheduling their board of directors meetings, in order to discuss their financial for the first half of the current year to disclose them, where the anticipation increases, while the PEX enters the last third of the legal period of the listed companies’ semi-annual financial data disclosures noting that only two companies had disclosed their semiannual results till this moment.

In this week, Palestine Securities Exchange Company PSE disclosed its semi-annual financial data for the year 2019, noting posting net income of $0.36 million, compared to net income of $0.55 in the corresponding period of 2018. This mainly followed the decline in the company’s net revenues by 28.18% in the first six months of the year 2019 in comparison to the corresponding period of 2018. Based on the disclosed figures, PSE records book value of $1.20, and P/BV of 4.08x.

On the other hand, Palestine Monetary Authority has published its Annual Report 2018. The report showed that the Palestinian economy continued to slowdown for the second year in a row, deepening in 2018 (as forecasted earlier by Palestine Monetary Authority), with growth of 0.9% compared to 3.1% in 2017 (bringing the real GDP to around USD 13.8 billion) against the backdrop of the continued downturn of the economy in the Gaza Strip and the decline in the momentum of growth in the West Bank. In the Gaza Strip, growth fell by 6.9% to a further 12.5% decline in 2017. Growth in the West Bank slowed to 3.1% from 8.5% in 2017. Whereby, the actual impact of this performance has been reflected in more than one aspect, particularly per capita income, which fell down by 1.7% from the world level in 2017, to record $3,021. In light of this performance, per capita income in the West Bank has not been able to grow by more than 0.8% (to about $4,188), while income in the Gaza Strip has again shrunk by 9.5%, falling to an all-time low ($1,431), accounting for about a third of the West Bank.



UCI posts net income of $1.01 million in 2023

TIC recommends distributing 15% cash dividends for the year 2023

ARKAAN realizes net loss of $9.99 million in 2023

PADICO realizes net loss of $19.34 million in 2023



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