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The first polls in 2008 by "Near East Consulting Co": Half of Palestinians under the poverty line and %34 thinking of migration aboard and %71 are with signing a peace treaty.


A new polls conducted by "Near East Consulting" revealed that %29 of Palestinians prefer country"s system similar to non-Arab Islamic countries, and %28 prefer similar to European countries. Also %21 of the Palestinians prefer Arab-countries systems and %11 prefer Islamic Caliphate, where %4 support American system and %3 prefer Socialist system where %4 prefer others. The results also indicate that %37 of FATEH"s supporters prefer to apply European system in Palestine versus %50 of HAMAS"s supporters that prefer the application of non-Arab Islamic systems.  The poll was implemented through phone in the period between (22-26) December,2007 on a random sample size of 1100 Palestinian citizen scattered in Gaza and West bank, where the error rate was %3.4 and %95 confidence.



Al-Quds Index in the green zone despite the political instability



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