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Al-Quds Index increases amid an increase in trading value


Sahem Weekly Trading Report (13-17)-01-2019

Palestine Stock Exchange PEX witnessed an increase in the trading value of this week following executing an institutional transaction of 11 million shares on the stocks of the National Bank TNB during the week, leading Al-Quds Index to increase by 0.10% than its previous weekly closing level, to record 530.22 points. While, the other week’s trading was not characterized with any quality and conservatism controlled the investors’ behavior coinciding with the routinely anticipation for the listed companies’ annual financial data and what will devolve in their financial decisions accordingly. On the other hand, the governor of Palestine Monetary Authority PMA noted that three operating banks in Palestine, which are: Bank of Palestine, Palestine Investment Bank and Cairo Amman Bank witnessed lawsuits in the US courts that have no factual or legal base concerning alleged violations of the US counterterrorism law. Whereby he added that those banks will not be affected by such lawsuits since all the operating banks in Palestine works within strong, sturdy and secure system, and are subject to the Palestinian rules and regulations and to the international financial system. They also have the best practices and comply with the local banking regulations and the international standards to combat the financing of terrorism.

On the other hand, and with this routine period, the listed companies’ boards of directors sequence to announce holding their meetings to discuss 2018’s financial results in order to disclose their profits especially for the leading companies in specific, where the anticipation increases among investors to predict the yields that may be achieved in form of dividends to compensate the capital losses. Whereby, with entering the year 2019, the routine cycle starts in the stock market, which with its sequence stages; the price impact varies with the variation in traders’ behaviors. The fiscal year ends and the annual financial disclosures start, then the dividends’ distribution decisions’ announcements follow, then the entitlements come next, and finally measuring the return on investment. This comes with efficient routine price reflections if other factors remain constant.

Regarding this week, the stocks of the banking and financial services sector performed better than any other sectors in this week, whereby, the stock of The National Bank TNB topped the PEX by 83.60% following executing a high-volume institutional transaction on its shares during the week, to close at the level of $1.73; up by 1.76% than its previous weekly closing level. On the other hand, the stock of Bank of Palestine BOP-the largest bank by market capitalization- declined by 1.30% than its previous weekly closing level, to record $2.27, whereby, its trading value constituted 6.32% from PEX total trading value. On the other hand, the stock of Palestine Investment Bank PIBC witnessed a significant decrease of 12.10% than its previous weekly closing level, to close at the level of $1.09. This followed transactions than constituted 1.92% from PEX total trading value. Buy Cigarettes Online


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