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Fayyad:The Palestinian Authority began examining the financial crisis of the electricity sector in Palestine


Fayyad:The Palestinian Authority began examining the financial crisis of the electricity sector in Palestine

Dr.Salam Fayyad ,the Prime Minister,said the authority began to explore any and all repercussions of the financial problems of the electricity sector suffered by the authority,by the Authority, by the proliferation of the culture of non-payment of financial dues to the citizens.
Fayyad added in a speech during a business meeting in Ramallah called him yesterday and came under the rubric of "national challenges facing the electricity sector in Palestine", that the Authority has also examined the mechanism of Israel in recovering debts from power and the threat this new financial burdens , in the attempt by the Authority to develop appropriate solutions. The Premier pointed out that this meeting be held with the participation of local bodies and local government minister Ziad Abanndk Engineer and the President the authority d energy. Omar Ktanh comes complement to study this problem and to try to reach practical recommendations that will protection of this sector from destruction and vandalism.
The meeting was attended also, mayors and local bodies in the provinces of North and South Bank, and electricity companies in Palestine, and representatives from the ministries of finance, local government and many of the professionals in this area.
In turn, the Minister of local government there is a real challenge that faces local bodies, particularly with regard to the collection of debts owed by the citizens, it must take a clear and bold by the central government towards supporting local bodies, and local bodies have the courage and transparency in its decisions . The head of the energy authority that the power of energy will spare no effort to support and the support of local bodies and the provision of their requirements especially in the provision of prepayment meters and rehabilitation of the technical cadre required. He reviewed many of the heads of local bodies during their interventions problems faced by the local bodies, particularly with regard to the collection and the need to stand the central authority in all components for supporting local bodies, and the need to fulfill the central authority to pay dues and financial assistance to the local bodies out of crisis . They stressed the need for networking to hold such meetings in order to reality real empathy with the local bodies, especially in light of the embargo policy practiced by Israel against the Palestinian population centers and its consequences of destruction and sabotage of infrastructure.


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