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Minister of Planning: the success of the donors meeting in Paris, would leave important repercussions on the Palestinian economy


Minister of Planning: the success of the donors meeting in Paris, would leave important repercussions on the Palestinian economy


The Minister of Planning Dr. Samir Abdullah, yesterday, explained the importance of the success of the next meeting of the donor countries, to be held in Paris on the 17th of December.
Abdullah said during his meeting with a French delegation in support of the Ministry"s headquarters in Ramallah: "We must succeed in the Paris meeting in all circumstances," adding that the success of the Annapolis conference will increase the chances of success of the Paris meeting. He believed that the success of the Paris meeting "will have a very important reflection on the economic situation in the Palestinian territories", and expected to witness sufficient aid offerings to break the dependence on foreign aid. He added that the success of the Paris meeting will help the Palestinian government as of security reform and imposing the rule of law, and further reformation to provide and develop services for citizens more transparent and safety, and in the re-establishment of the government authority in the Gaza Strip and the legitimacy of the Palestinian recovery. Abdullah briefed the French delegation on the main axes of the work of the government, and the reformation of security and the quest for the advancement of the economic situation, pointing out that the government, after six years, marked a state of economic stagnation, lack of internal security." He added that, “The government immediately ,upon receipt of its recovery plan, developed  the rapid resumption of development work, and was able to, during the past six months , resume work in many of the projects that were frozen, and the resumption of relations with the donor countries, and focus attention to the humanitarian needs in the Palestinian territories, especially in the sector. The Minister of Planning said that the recovery plan and the rapid rehabilitation and development plan for the next three years focused on good governance and the revival of the economic situation and the private sector, and infrastructure.
He said the plan helped the government in identifying what is happening on the ground after a relationship with the donor countries, in the wake of the victory of Hamas in the recent parliamentary elections, saying that the plan constitutes a bridge for the transition from relief to development.
He said the plan was prepared for the first time to integrate with the budget, as the interrelationship between the plan and the budget was not organically in the past. He added: This time, we offer donors a single economic plan includes development projects and public budget. He disclosed that government investments in the rapid recovery plan, implemented by the government until the end of the year, ranging between 054 and 650 million dollars, to be able to attract private sector investments the same amount or more, confirming that the philosophy of the plan is to encourage the private sector to participate in the economic sectors , and address the problems of development, which will enable the high rates of economic growth rates ranging between 5% and 10%. He noted that the government was able, during the past months, to achieve momentum in the work at the security, economic and political, "it is now important to focus on two rush of momentum toward more forward", and expressed the hope that there will of the international community in achieving the desired peace of the Annapolis, "TURNING POINT which success will happen for the benefit of the peace camp in the region, compared with a decline of extremism it." Abdullah called on companies and the private sector to the French partnerships and investment in the Palestinian economy in all productive and service sectors, stressing that the government has worked to create an environment conducive to investment through the development of laws and facilitate government services, and focus on the development of infrastructure and qualified industrial zones. In turn, the head of the delegation, Chairman of the Group of Parliamentarians of the political majority in the French Parliament, Jean Kobe: We in the government and people of France are following economic and social issues and political of the Palestinian people, and we attach great importance. He pointed out that the delegation noted that the Palestinian development plan focuses heavily on investment in the private sector. Recall that the delegation, consisting of 53 members, including mayors and journalists, and representatives of people"s organizations, met Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad, the President opened the parliamentary bloc Azzam Ahmed, and the Commissioner for External Relations of the Fatah movement, Abdullah French, and the Executive Chairman of the Group d Palestinian communications. Abdel Malik Jaber, as he visited the tomb of the late President Yasser Arafat, and put a wreath of flowers in addition to the village Belain, where a witness excerpts from the wall mounted on the territory.




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