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The depletion of fuel from gas stations in the Gaza Strip and Israel hints to further reduce fuel quantaties


The depletion of fuel from gas stations in the Gaza Strip and Israel hints to further reduce fuel quantaties

At the time where fuel began to run out in gas stations, Israeli officials hinted at the possibility of a further reduction in the quantity of fuel to the Gaza Strip, during another step to escalate might take Israeli security establishment view tighten punitive actions against the sector.
The Chairman of the Society of Petroleum stations Mahmud Shawa, who met with four members of the association last Thursday official crossings on the Israeli side yoke Pierce, and an official with the Division of the economy known as the civil administration of Erez Samhon Medhat, mentioned that the delegation told the Assembly could not retreat from the decision to reduce the quantities fuel contained to the Gaza Strip, features that the Israeli cabinet mini-soon may take another step against punitive sector. Shawa said in an interview with "days" that the meeting came in response to a request made by the General Department for Policy Research codify fuel received by the sector and to discuss opportunities to renege on this policy, which led to the closure until this moment to mobilize the six fuel stations in the northern Gaza Strip, and expected to close more such stations during the current week event that the implementation of this policy. The role of the Israeli company that supplied the fuel began implementation of the resolution as of the twenty-sixth of last month, which reduced the amount of fuel by more than 50%, pointing out that the company supplied a day before the decision about 400 thousand liters SOLAR currently lists only 180 thousand, either reducing the quantity of gasoline from about 100 thousand to 35 thousand. He pointed out that Shawa Pierce Israeli official confirmed during the meeting that his government does not have any tendency to retreat from the decision to reduce the quantity of fuel as long as the missiles launched sector threaten the lives of Israeli civilians.
Shawa and the same official response to the objections of the delegation of the Assembly on the Israeli decision posed a threat to civilian life in the sector, saying that "we also have civilian life in Sderot, the Israeli agricultural villages." He noted that the Israeli official revealed the possibility of resorting to spare his government electricity from areas of northern Gaza, noting that his government retreat on the implementation of that measure the impact of the decision taken by an Israeli court Work is under way to respond to the appeal this decision to a higher court authority, which means the possibility of cancellation the decision to renege on spare electricity. Shawa confirmed that Israeli officials have demonstrated an unprecedented stringent about their determination to continue the punitive measures taken against the sector has disregarded the danger of what would the repercussions of this decision may lead to catastrophic obstruction of the work of hospitals and disrupt the activities of other municipal institutions and government service. Shawa said that the only positive result achieved by this meeting was the approval of Israeli officials to lift the demands of the delegation of the Assembly of the Council of Ministers of the Israeli government, which included the demands that have been filed to refer to what will be the Israeli side of the environmental damage and health event disrupted sanitation plants, which began work on Complaining of diminishing quantities of the fuel necessary for their operation, which means the possibility of diversion of wastewater to the waters of the sea, caused an environmental disaster for the Palestinian and Israeli sides. He pointed out that Shawa Israeli official promised this week to inform the Assembly government response to these demands, which centered on the need to retreat from the decision to reduce the quantities of fuel, particularly since the needs of this commodity sector by increasing substantially during the winter season. The owners of the oil companies and stations last Wednesday organized a protest march and demonstration opposite the headquarters of international institutions and organizations operating in Gaza City, and handed over memorandums calling on the international community to intervene with the Israeli side to back down from its decision and resume the supply of fuel. In the context of Israel"s threats related spare electricity declared Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Vlinai careful that the decision to reduce the quantities of fuel from the Gaza Strip and cut off the electricity supply will be implemented tomorrow, "today, Sunday," or the day after tomorrow. He said in statements reported on various media yesterday that Israel is seeking to sever all economic relations with the Gaza Strip, because they want to be separated from the level of infrastructure as possible.




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