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Weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers: Salaries cashed today .


Weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers: Salaries cashed today .

   The cabinet announced during its weekly meeting Sunday that salaries will be deposited in employees bank accounts, in addition to the sum value of a(1000) shekels from  previous receivables. The council will pay a value of (1000 shekels) of these benefits, confirming the commitment of the national authority to pay all its financial benefits for staff to declare any batches of these receivables in a timely manner. The Cabinet stressed about the financial situation in the Gaza Strip, particularly the subject of lack of cash. The Council of Ministers said that the payment of salaries to staff in the Gaza Strip will be as usual at the relevant government decisions, and that the government continues to work at the highest levels and that the Prime Minister is following directly with all parties concerned in order to pressure Israel and the introduction of cash to banks operating in the Gaza Strip so that staff receive their allocations, particularly as salaries would be transferred to their accounts like other employees in the West Bank.


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