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Dr.Abulibdeh:In duty for the rehabilitation of university students and supporting the building of the nation comes the PSE’s support is signing an agreement for the operation of a business tradings lab with Birzeit.


Press Statement: 03/11/2007

Dr.Abulibdeh:In duty for the rehabilitation of university students and supporting the building of the nation comes the PSE’s support is signing an agreement for the operation of  a business tradings lab with Birzeit.

The PSE signed and agreement with Birzeit University yesterday for the preparation and operation of the financial market in a laboratory at the university, the agreement was signed by His Excellency Dr.. Abolibdeh Hassan, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Dr. market. Nabil Qassis the Universities President. Under the Convention is the market, Bir Zeit University to provide a range of equipment and devices necessary for the processing laboratory and operation, in addition to the large screen presentation, and the laboratory is linked electronically with the Palestinian financial market, so that teachers and students work on the circulation systems and the status of deposit, in an environment designed conversion for training purposes, similar what is happening on the ground in the trading and settlement operations in the financial market. Hassan Abu Libdeh said , in his signing ceremony, the importance of the Convention, which comes in the context of giving the Palestinian universities in interdisciplinary aspects of the economy, and allow the students and lecturers alike for the practical application of theoretical studies and applied modern financial markets, explaining that this laboratory allows for students and professors, identified the aspects of the work of the market through practical circulation in the market in a hypothetical. Dr. Abolibdeh focusedon the activities of the market which comes in the context of an effort to take market duties within fund social responsibility, including initiatives aimed at supporting the market, which university students in the area of financial markets, noting in this regard to the competition investor research aimed at students in the first university class universities, the grant program messages Masters. Nabil Qassis President of Bir Zeit University in his speech said , that the University is seeking to increase linked to Palestinian society, and strengthening the position of graduates and rehabilitation commensurate with the development in all sectors of the economy and society. He added that the university seeks to provide practical training for students specializing in science Finance, and provide them with skills that enable them to interact and application of theoretical knowledge in the area of the securities industry. He added that this laboratory provides a virtual student exchange and financial management, which qualify them for employment in this market developing and promising, as it provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments in the financial markets, enabling students and teachers to keep abreast of these developments and the use of live examples in the process of teaching and training. Mentioned that the third agreement of its kind signed by the market with Palestinian universities, after two similar success with the Universities of the National University in Nablus and Jerusalem in Abu Dis.


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