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Wattaniya Communications: Progress as for the frequencies subject hoping to obtain them very soon.


Wattaniya Communications: Progress as for the frequencies subject hoping to obtain them very soon.


TheWattaniya Communications Company ,the second operator of cellular telephones in the Palestinian territories ,said yesterday that negotiations with Israel on access to frequencies necessary to start work progress has been made in recent days. The Director of Public Relations in the company Maxim Mansour, in a press conference called for by the company on the sidelines of an exhibition of Palestine IV for Communications and Information Technology "Expotech 2007" in ALbireh stated,” Our frequencies needed a larger impediment to the commercial launch of the company. Negotiations are under way between the Palestinian Authority and Israel There are positive developments in this regard. " But Mansour confirmed that the company "has not received anything official and we hope that we receive official confirmation depends on the frequency very soon." The Convention license signed by the company with the Palestinian Authority last March to begin "a Palestinian Wattaniya Mobile Communications", which is the official name to provide service and the completion of the public subscription ,30% of the shares from the public at a maximum of six months from the date of obtaining the frequencies. Mansour said to determine the date of the service business of the company is linked to access to frequencies, but he explained that the company had started practical steps for the establishment of an infrastructure for the network, "where we have reached agreements with about 200 of property owners to establish a company and its frequency pole installations."
For its part, said human resources director in the company whose Almasri company invested so far 85 people from about 10 thousand requested and received one company, and expected that the number of jobs to 300 jobs with commercial launch them, and 2000 jobs directly and indirectly through two years of the start of operation company. In addition to the Palestinian staff, said an Egyptian company called in a number of foreign experts who have worked in more than one region of the Middle East and the world, to assist them during the launch phase. She said: our first recruiting job seekers from the Palestinians, including the polarization competencies immigrant. She called Egyptian who applied to the renovation of jobs across the new website launched by the company recently. In turn, the director of sales and marketing at the company properly Druze The company officially launched, the day before yesterday, building a network points of sale services. Druze and said "we invite the selling points in Palestine to make formal requests for those who wish to join the network preferred selling points of the" National "on the basis of genuine partnership and mutual benefit and provide better services to the public." He added that such advocacy efforts culminated in the company started months ago, where he visited the staff of the company selling points specialized services cell phone communications "and listened to them and review the experience and will be the preferred choice of selling points that will join the network in a professional and deliberate." Involved "national" for the first time in the exhibition "Expotech 2007," The wing includes four sections, the first commercial applications for the receipt of a network selling points, the second of recruitment, and the third to mobilize forms by citizens on their needs and their experience with network competition "Mobile", and the fourth to provide general information Company and especially its programs of social responsibility. In this context, Mansour said that the company so far has supported a number of activities in the framework of social responsibility are: Jericho championship games in football, and Marathon youth in Bethlehem, and prizes magazine "Palestine Youth" monthly literary competition, and offers circus Palestinian mobile, and the group football female, and several days of employment in various universities. He added that the company will support three new programs in the coming period, are: ceremony music by the artist Tony COTAN, won the race cars in Jericho, and on the national recruitment in Tulkarm. On the future relationship with the "mobile", said Mansour "The mobile company successful despite the difficult circumstances they faced and our relationship with them will be for the benefit of a professional consumer, and there will be agreements to link interface between the two networks." He added: "There will also compete with Israeli companies operating in the Palestinian market illegally. We hope that we will get the market share. " It should be noted that the Wattaniya Telecom Company of Kuwait, a company owned communications company Country "QTEL", won in September last year, a strategic partner in the contract operator of the second cellular phone by 40% compared with 355 million, compared with the share of the Palestinian Investment Fund by 30%, the put the remaining percentage (30%) for public subscription by the public.



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