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The market records an average PE of 12.2x and average P/BV of 1.15x


Sahem Weekly Trading Report (19-23)-02-2017

Al-Quds Index witnessed a balanced performance in this week, to trade in a relatively narrow range and close at the level of 534.00 points; down by 0.31% than its previous closing level. However, the liquidity levels grew during this week compared to the previous ones following executing several transactions on some stocks- including blue-chips. On the other hand and with the disclosures’ completion of 46 companies out of 48 companies required to disclose their data by the end of 2016, Palestine Stock Exchange PEX records an average PE ratio of 12.2x and an average P/BV pf 1.15x.


Regarding the data of the PEX’s sectors, all of the companies in the banking and financial services’ sector achieved profits at the end of 2016, whereby, all banks recorded growth in profits during the period. The sector’s profits contributed for 32.83% from the total disclosed companies’ profits attributable to the parent company. According the disclosed data, the average PE of the sector records 12.0x, and average P/BV hit 1.35x. This followed an increase of 24.16% in total sector’s profits. On another hand, Bank of Pearlstine BOP constitutes the lion’s share of 55.58% from total achieved profits in the banking and financial services’ sector.


In the services sector, most of the companies recorded profits during the period and on the top comes Palestine Telecommunications Company PALTEL, which contributes for 103.03% from total sector’s profits, whereby the other companies constituted a declining factor to profits. Moreover, 4 companies in the sector realized net loss, while 5 companies moved from realizing net loss to recording net income at the end of 2016. On the other hand, the sector’s profits constituted 39.23% from the total disclosed companies’ profits attributable to the parent company; the largest contribution. Accordingly, the sector records average PE of 11.9x and average P/BV of 1.28x. Regarding the insurance sector, most of its listed companies that disclosed their financial data recorded significant growth in profits compared to last year’s data, while 2 companies witnessed a slight decline in profits. According to the disclosed data, the sector records average PE of 8.6x; the lowest among the other sectors, and average P/BV of 1.28x.


On another hand, the profits of the industry sector constituted 11.37% from the total disclosed companies’ profits attributable to the parent company. Birzeit Pharmaceuticals company BPC and the Vegetable Oil Industries Company VOIC achieved the highest profits, whereby, both contributed for 48.56% from total profits. Accordingly, the sector records average PE of 10.7x and average P/BV of 1.15x. However, the investment sector records the lowest average P/BV among the other sectors of 0.72x, while it records average PE ratio of 18.0x. On another hand, the sector’s profits contributed for 10.61% from total sectors’ profits, while profits declined by 15.15% in 2016 compared to last year.



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