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Palestine Exchange ends the year with a moderate price performance


Sahem Weekly Trading Report (26-29)-12-2016

With new hope for what may the coming year hold of exceptional investment opportunities within the sustained growth of the listed companies’ profits, the increase in liquidity, and maintain a moderate performance, Palestine Stock Exchange PEX ended the year at the level of 530.16 points; with weekly gains of 0.39%, and down than its yearly closing of 2015 by 0.48%. However and despite the price fluctuations in the regional and international markets, but the PEX isolated itself from these fluctuations, to ensure once again that the basses of investments and the investment decisions stem from substantiality of the Palestinian companies and mainly the environment that incubates them. On another hand, the closing of the year 2016 increased by 8.55% than the lowest level recorded during the year which was witnessed in May. However, the anticipation grows for the year 2017 for boosting in the market capitalization and improving in the market in general.

Regarding this week’s trading with the four trading sessions, the stock of Bank of Palestine BOP- the largest bank by market capitalization- topped the PEX by trading value when reached $0.75 million, to stabilize at the level of $2.65 without any change than its previous closing. Moreover, the stock of the National Bank TNB increased by 3.26%, to close at the level of $1.90, through transactions worth $0.34 million after trading in a relatively wide range. Regarding the stock of largest company by market capitalization- Palestine Telecommunications PALTEL- it slightly declined by 0.20%, to close at the level of JD4.98 through transactions worth $0.67 million. It is good to note that PALTEL Group's mobile and fixed line licenses were prolonged by the Palestinian Authority for another 20 years at a cost of $290 million. However and for the second week in row, trading was active on the stock of Palestine Investment and Development Company PID, to stabilize at the level of JD1.27 without any change than its previous closing level and through transactions worth $0.25 million.

As for 2016’s results than enhance the image of the PEX on the world investment map and ensure following the best standards, the PEX was upgraded from the list of markets on the "Watch List" to a Frontier Market by the Financial Times Financial Indicators Group (FTSE Indices), to add another positive factor for what was built and is still being built by all parties of the financial market since years. On another hand and in this year also, the PEX’s request has been accepted to be granted the full membership in the World Federation of Exchanges; an important indicator for several international investors, institutions and investment funds, whereby, this reflects compliance with international standards in the securities’ investment field, which are determined in accordance with the best international practices in the area.

Within its yearly modification that coincides with the end of the year 2016, the PEX announced the new composition of the Al-Quds Index for the year 2017 after reviewing the companies it consists of, to include 15 companies out of 48 listed companies that represent 83.5% of the total PEX market capitalization. It is worth mentioning that the PEX used a new methodology for Al-Quds Index sample calculation for the year 2017. The most important content of this methodology is determining relative weights for the selection parameters and taking into account the sectoral representation. Whereby, the number of companies in the sample remained the same. However, the 2017 Al-Quds Index was modified by replacing Jerusalem Cigarettes Company JCC with Palestine Industrial Investment Company PIIC.


VOIC records net income of JD6.61 million in 9M 2023



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