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Gaza: Banks reduced their transactions with Dollars and Dinars to the lowest level.


Gaza: Banks reduced their transactions with Dollars and Dinars to the lowest level.

Bankers expressed great fear about the lack of financial liquidity, particularly those who deal with currencies such as dollars and dinars, after the Israeli security establishment preventented the supply of currencies to banks operating in the Gaza Strip for more than two weeks. The institution itself since mid-September, had to reduce the value of the funds transferred to the banks sector, the implementation of the orientation as the Gaza Strip hostile entity. Departments and banks operating in the sector are afraid, though most of the interviewees met by "Alayyam" in this regard preferred to remain anonymous, to face a real crisis in the next few days, which coincides and the date the payment of staff salaries. The banks need to work shekel supposed to deliver them to the Gaza Strip a month about 500 million shekels, which require banks during the payment of salaries to approximately half the amount in question, but what has been exported last time "before last Thursday" for the banks from the Gaza Strip currency shekel, which began decreasing the about 62 million shekels.


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