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Trade Union demands the fixation of the exchange rate of the Jordanian dinar and US dollar against the Israeli shekel


Trade Union demands the fixation of the exchange rate of the Jordanian dinar and US dollar against the Israeli shekel

The General Federation of Trade Unions of the Palestinian National Authority stabilized the exchange rate of the Jordanian dinar to 6.4 shekels and the US dollar to 4.3 shekels in consideration to workers who get paid in dinars or dollars and calling for all bodies of authority and components to show their responsibility towards the unemployed and the less fortunate. The General Federation of Trade Unions, in a statement yesterday, assured the importance of finding decent employment opportunities for workers within the plan of refueling comprehensive sustainable, stressing the importance of price control and stop rising prices and the formation of the control and accounting exploiters of traders who dabble food children and their parents and manipulators to justice. He added Hussein scholars secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions, the European considering working mechanism through which to address this inequity and injustice, which is located on workers in a time when those responsible negative attitude in the face of disasters political, social and economic against people including workers, the poor, claim concerned authorities to assume their responsibilities.
The statement pointed to the economic and living conditions suffered by workers, especially in light of high unemployment and unprecedented and extreme poverty suffered by the Palestinian people and workers. He added: All of this came as a result of the policy of comprehensive embargo imposed on the Palestinian territories by the Israeli occupation authorities, which deprived of the most basic labor rights, social and humanitarian manifested in the holy month of Ramadan, where they were denied access to places of worship in Jerusalem to perform religious rites. He continued: Nevertheless, Gul momentum of price rises and high prices, which reflected the crazy outrageous and is clearly on the daily lives of workers especially in the holy month of Ramadan, which led to many of the families did not find profiteers day breakfast hour. He added: What has complicated the situation and the poorest and neediest deterioration of the exchange rate of the dinar and the dollar especially families that rely on foreign aid workers who paid either in dollars or dinars what led to a decline in income level between 01-51%.


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