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Growing hope for beyond including the PEX on Global Indices


Sahem Weekly Trading Report (13-17)-09-2015

With the absence of short-term incentives in Palestine Stock Exchange PEX, hope for the consequences of promoting the PEX to Frontier Market Status on FTSE Indices which will be actually implemented in September 2016 was raised. This followed FTSE’s annual review and meeting the FTSE group qualities of markets criteria. Definitely, this step will increase the momentum and the global spread of the PEX with the ability of these indices to attract further foreign investment and emphasize the bourses’ status on the international markets’ map. We will touch the positivity that will be poured in the Palestinian investment environment interest in the medium and long term, especially with the start of liquidity flow of index investing strategy. It is worth mentioning in the meanwhile that this step is considered as a crowning to the resulting improvement in the continuous development for all the financial securities’ parties in Palestine and a reflection of the hope and confidence in the investment feasibility of the Palestinian stocks.


In the PEX, no positive quick reaction appears about this entitlement due to the time dimension of its consequences. The financial securities sector’s parties, especially traders, anticipate the expected change in the foreign liquidity after the execution. In this context, the pre-executing period is considered investment opportunities and a door to build new financial positions, especially with the prevailing price levels with the attractive market indicators, which in turn, await any turning point to start the required activity. Within the week’s trading, the liquidity scarceness continued without any significant change in the average trading. On the other hand, the banding sector’s stocks are still dominating, from time to time, the trading value after executing cross transactions. Whereby, the stock of the National Bank TNB topped the PEX when constituted 32.32% from the total trading value during the week. This came in parallel to achieving gains of 10.29%, to close at the level of $1.50. The stock of Al-Quds Bank QUDS followed when its transactions constituted 19.78%, stabilizing at the level of $1.14.


Regarding the leading stocks and within the slight variation in their price trends, Al-Quds Index maintained its prevailing levels within a stability that is most likely increased. In this context, the stock of Bank of Palestine BOP maintained its stability at the level of $2.50 after transactions worth $0.30 million. While the stock of Palestine Telecommunications PALTEL increased by 0.18%, to close at the level of JD5.48 after transactions worth $0.19 million. On the other hand, the stock of Palestine Development and Investment Company PADICO decreased by 1.80% after transactions worth $0.07 million, to close at the level of $1.09. Then again, in the coming few coming weeks, we enter an anticipation of the 9M 2015 financial data disclosures.





Al-Quds Index below the 640 points level with the approaching end of September

Several transactions raise the trading value to a relatively noticeable level

Al-Quds Index in the red zone in the first week of September



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