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Continuous inactivity in Palestine Exchange


Weekly Trading Report [30/08-03/09/ [2015

The political and economic anticipation still dominate the investors’ behaviour in general; in waiting for a positive turning point that may seem as an indicator for the beginning of a reserve trend. With their different volume, some of purchasing bids appear in the prevailing price levels’ depth for some stocks, which in turn might be a supporting factor for the upward rebounding of the Index if any general turning points emerge. Moreover, all parties of the securities’ market agree that institutional and foreign liquidity are the only absent factor in Palestine Stock Exchange PEX. While amid the current cautiousness and reservation state of investors, there is also lack in the speculative movements; leaving the PEX in a state of inactivity despite all of the attractive market indicators. 

During this week, Al-Quds Index traded in a relatively narrow price range despite the attempts of some leading stocks to record significantly higher price levels. While Al-Quds Index barely ended its weak transactions in the green zone following the variation in the final trend of the heaviest weighted stocks. Regarding the liquidity, the transactions of any stock of the listed stocks were not characterized other than the usual routinely since the beginning of the year, to remain in the minimal trading levels. In terms of the most active stocks, the stock of Palestine Telecommunications PALTEL – the largest company by market capitalization- topped the PEX when its transactions constituted 44.84% of the PEX’s trading value, to end the week at the level of JD5.50; up by 1.48%. The stock of Bank of Palestine BOP- the largest bank by market capitalization followed when its transactions constituted 16.90% out of the PEX’s trading value. BOP closed at the level of $2.52; down by 1.18% than its previous closing.

On the other hand, the trading on the stock of Palestine Development and Investment Company PADICO- the largest investment company by market capitalization- was severely weak and slow, when its transactions only constituted 5.11% of the PEX’s trading value. PADICO stabilized at the level of $1.10 without any change than its previous closing. It is worth mentioning that the board of directors of PADICO will be holding a meeting on 06/09/2015. In terms of the trading on the other stocks, some activity was witnessed on the banking sectors’ stocks which some of them recorded significant change. In this context, the trading value of Palestine Commercial Bank PCB increased to record $0.34 million, to close at the level of $0.71; up by 7.58%. Moreover, some movements appears on the stock of Al-Quds bank QUDS to reach $0.20 million and close at the level of $1.07; up by 0.94%.



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