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The Palestinian Monetary Authority’s new circulation to all banks operating in Palestine


The Palestinian Monetary Authority’s new circulation to all banks operating in Palestine



The Palestinian Monetary Authority announces new circulations to all banks in Palestine on the subject of trade finance investment in the shares of Palestine in the market for securities.
The market Palestine securities in a press statement issued yesterday: the circular allowing banks serving Palestinian granting facilities for trade and investment in public shareholding companies listed on the stock exchange in accordance with the conditions of the Palestinian and specific controls.
The statement added: The circular issued by the Monetary Authority contains a set of instructions that allowed banks lending to trade shares listed companies Palestinian, ensuring shares purchased, and provide maximum protection for investors, and a favorable environment for investment.
It was continued: Circular as required, to provide facilitation for the implementation of remittances received for the purposes of Palestine circulation in the market for securities, and develop administrative procedures to deal with cash deposits before can fulfill their obligations.
The statement pointed out that. Hassan Abu Libdeh, President of the Governing Council, the Executive Chairman of the Palestine market for securities, sent a letter of thanks to the d. George Abd governor Monetary Authority, which he lauded for his last great effort, and understanding of the needs and support of the Palestinian stock exchange, and support for the Palestinian economy.
He pointed out that the market Abolibdeh Palestine Securities, speaks highly of the role of monetary authority in issuing this resolution, which would have a significant impact on the financing of the investment and the sale and purchase of shares in the Stock Exchange of Palestine, highlights the importance of this circular to increase investment, and supporting activity in the financial market Palestine. It would reflect the reality positively towards reviving the Palestinian economy and move the wheel growth.




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