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Al-Quds index bounces back in the second week of the year 2015


Sahem Weekly Trading Report (11-15/01/2015)

This week’s trading sessions were not characterized with any quality, where conservatism controlled the investors’ behavior coinciding with the routinely anticipation for the listed companies’ annual financial data and what will devolve in their financial decisions accordingly. Whereas, the consistency in the stock market may dominate positive indicators for the coming period’s trading, but the beholder is well aware of Al-Quds Index’s need for substantial liquidity flow to be able to penetrate new levels more vigorously that may prepare it for new jumps that are supported with trader’s confidence and active transactions away from institutional deals. On the other hand and with this routine period, the listed companies’ boards of directors sequence to announce holding their meetings to discuss 2014’s financial results in order to disclose their profits, where the investors are holding their breaths anticipating the results of the leading companies in specific in expectation to the yields that may be achieved in form of dividends to compensate the capital losses.

Al-Quds Index couldn’t maintain its level above the 500 points in the first week of the year 2015. While in the second week of 2015, the Index showed attempts to coheres, in order to close in the green zone despite the transactions lacking continuity; to increase by 1.01%. During this week, one listed stock’s performance didn’t exceed any other within a receding in the substantial news on the companies that may increase the intrinsic value of their stocks. The lack of trading may be attributable to anticipating the financial data and operational results for the year 2014 that is supposed to be disclosed through a legal period granted by Palestine Stock Exchange PEX that will end in mid February 2015. On the other hand, all of the Palestinian capital market parties cling with optimism that may stimulate the investment in Palestine in general and the PEX in particular. In this context, an announcement to hold the 2nd Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Conference in Istanbul, during February, under the slogan “Turkey in the Gate for Palestine to the World” was made. This conference that will catch the attention of several businessmen from the world, aims to attract the Palestinian investment in Diaspora, in addition to developing the Palestinian economy in corporation of businessmen from Turkey and the World. 

This week’s transactions value increased due to executing a high-volume institutional transaction on one of the blue-chips. It is worth mentioning that the previous corresponding week was only limited to three trading sessions due to the snowstorm that hit Palestine in the mid-week. In this context, the stock of Bank of Palestine BOP topped the PEX in terms of activity, to record trading value that contributed in 63.39% of the PEX total trading value, during the week, after executing off-floor transaction and institutional transaction. This led BOP to achieve gains of 1.10% when closed at the level of $2.76. Moreover, the stock of Palestine Telecommunications PALTEL increased by 1.26%, to close at the level of JD5.61. PALTEL’s stock witnessed weak transactions that didn’t exceed the 19.56% of the PEX’s total trading value. In addition, the stock of Palestine Development and Investment PADICO soared by 3.25%, to close at the level of $1.27 through slow and weak trading that constituted 7.16% of the PEX weekly trading value.





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