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Al-Quds index stalls amid incentives’ scarcity


Sahem Weekly Trading Report (30/11-04/12)  

Within a price balance that is leaning to rise, Al-Quds Index traded in a range that didn’t exceed 7 points due to a varying in the blue-chips prices’ performance during the week that witnessed different weights impact following the different companies’ market capitalizations. Whereas the liquidity indicator in Palestine Stock Exchange PEX increased significantly to $17.06 million due to executing several institutional transactions including the stocks of four companies; their trading value constituted 93.77% from the PEX’s total trading value. The other transactions were slow in movement and scarce in volume. The stock of Bank of Palestine BOP topped the PEX in terms of trading value when recorded institutional deals of $12.03 million. The stock of Palestine Securities Exchange PSE- owned by PADICO Holding by 74.75% as for 30 September 2014- followed BOP’s stock. Moreover, the stocks of both Palestine Investment Bank PIBC and the Palestinian Company for Distribution & Logistics Services WASSEL followed the two mentioned stocks.

Regarding the blue-chips, the stock of Palestine Development and Investment PADICO – the largest investment company by market capitalization- witnessed severely weak transactions that didn’t exceed $90 thousands, whereby, touched-through them- levels close to previous support levels, while PADICO’s stock rebounded from to close at its previous closing of $1.25. It is worth mentioning that the board of directors BOD of PADICO held a meeting on 03/12/2014 and discussed the company’s performance and the latest projects and future plans developments. On the other hand, the stock of Palestine Telecommunications PALTEL- the largest company by market capitalization- increased significantly by 2.22% when closed at the level of JD5.52 at new resistance levels. This increase came following medium volume transactions worth $0.57 million. Moreover, the BOD of PALTEL held a meeting on 02/12/2014, whereby, approved the financial data till the end of October 2014 and discussed the business plan and estimated budget for the PALTEL group’s companies.

Regarding other news and within the 5th issue of the BME 100 Magazine for the year 2014 that is issued by CPI Financial Institution- competent in assessing the financial performance of banks in the Middle East- , the quantitative financial analysis studies noted that the National Bank TNB topped the other Middle Eastern banks in terms of assets’ growth that reached 51% in the year 2013.  Moreover, the financial analysis studies of the Banker Middle East 100 Magazine noted that TNB was ranked in the first place among other banks in the Middle East for the year 2013 in terms of liabilities growth by 58% to reach $474,633 million, while the average increase in Palestine is in general 21%. TNB also came in second place among the Middle Eastern Banks in terms of growth of gross revenues that hit 42%, and in the second place in terms of growth in profits by 78% following Bank Alkhair of Bahrain. It is worth mentioning that TNB was crowned in H1 2014 with the award of the fasted growing bank in Palestine for the year 2014 by the Banker Middle East Magazine.





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